The company was founded in 1947, mainly devoted to the production of antibiotics.

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The Quality Control laboratories have equipment to perform chemical and microbiological analyses  according to the latest European Pharmacopoeia monographs and stability studies according to I.C.H. guidelines.

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To support a proper quality system were issued standard operating procedures, specifications, methods of testing and batches production records with detailed description of the services to be provided, to operate in accordance with the quality requirements at all stages of the production process from the entrance of raw materials to the exit of the manufactured medicinal products.

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Distinctive Features

One of the distinctive elements of LaFaRe has always been to aim for a timely and rational implementation of an adequate Quality system. In fact, we have the most sophisticated laboratory tools and equipment, accurate technical documentation and specifications regarding GMP procedures, trained and periodically trained personnel.
Thanks to the skills acquired from long experience in the field, LaFaRe is able to offer its customers complete regulatory support, guaranteeing constant support for any activity (analytical transfers, regulatory changes, etc.)

Research & Development

LaFaRe's proverbial longevity comes from constant research in harmonizing its capabilities to the most stringent market needs. The development and research of innovative products and therapies represent the new mission that the company proposes itself through the growth of our collaborators: people who, depending on the company target, are constantly motivated to catalyze the expression of their potential.